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ONI by NGOZI    

2019 Design Gallery

Our collection, ONI - translated as “Sacred Ground” in Yoruba, retraces history and explores possibility by honoring a long tradition of block printing, quilting and unique fashion crafted by Black women and men from West Africa to America. These collections showcase creativity and spirituality through colors, textiles and designs unique to the collective sartorial genius of black men and women here on the continent and in the diaspora. Ngozi Design provides a unique blend of inspirational design and enhanced personal style.  


The ONI Collections by Ngozi Design bring bold color and print and fabric combinations inspired by the beautiful textile design of Africa, appliqué techniques first created in Benin and African American Underground Railroad quilt coding.  Most of the garments  are made with hand pieced fabric remnants in memory and celebration centering fashion as a tool to trace history and beauty. Each one of a kind piece is a collection of stories held by the hundreds of fabric remnants sewn together. Our goal is to share information, provoke conversation around some of these stories and celebrate the fashion that is artful and energetic. 

In our first ONI collection, take a look at some of my garments and other items  below that use piecing, quilting techniques, beading and appliqué.   Most of the silhouettes that we offer for sale are one-of-a-kind but some can be custom ordered.  


Show 4.jpg
Show 3.jpg

ONI-001  Ankara Patch Cloak  made of African cotton print remnants  

ONI Duster-185 copy.jpg
Show 8.jpg

ONI-002    Cotton Batik Patch Duster

Photo Aug 21, 2 59 05 PM.jpg
Show 7.jpg

ONI-003/003A  Ankara and African inspired cotton print trim - Crop Jacket with Tie up F/L skirt

ONI-004/004A  Ankara patch vest and drop bottom harem pants

Photo Aug 23, 5 52 38 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 23, 5 53 56 PM.jpg

Bogolan (Mudcloth) Duster with vertical cotton print Angelina motif

ONI Dress-265 copy.jpg

ONI-006   Strapless dress made of Ankara remnants


ONI-007  Full length long sleeve gown with train made of Ankara remnants

Wallhanging 1 back.JPG
Photo Nov 18, 7 00 54 PM_edited.png
Photo Nov 18, 7 01 15 PM.jpg

ONI-008  Zip front dress with cinched waist made of Ankara remnants

Wallhanging Adinkra 1 - West African Wisdom -   ODO NNYEW FIE KWAN  "Love Never Loses It's Way Home"   (symbol of the power of love)   Created by hand with African cotton prints stitched together and then appliqued onto pieced and  quilted square base and adorned with  assorted wooden, brass and bone beads.

2018-06-25 15.12.08.jpg
Photo Nov 09, 3 02 31 PM.jpg
2019-07-12 10.06.39.jpg
2019-05-31 11.46.40.jpg
Photo Apr 14, 12 57 21 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 07, 1 32 00 PM.jpg
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