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Black and white string quilt with Ankara print and African brocade. Approx. 44"x44" Ready to Hang


Blackbirding is the coercive recruitment of indentured Pacific Islander workers that took place in the 19th and 20th centuries. The term "Blackbirding" was coined when European men would raid islands at night in all black. Blackbird was another name for slave. While emancipation in 1865 delivered Africans from bondage, it did not deliver them to Africa. Texas slave traders, were known as "Blackbirders". They bought all of their slaves in Cuba. They were African born.

Reverse underground railroad blackbirding - Since colonial times in the United States, the Reverse Underground Railroad existed to capture free African-Americans and fugitive slaves and sell them into slavery, being particularly prevalent in the 19th century after the Atlantic slave trade was outlawed. New York City and Philadelphia were particularly prominent places for these kidnappers to work, causing fear of being kidnapped by anyone to become prevalent. Bibliography - ( How The Missing Became The Forgotten: The Truth of Blackbirding in the Pacific (Taecia K. Akana). Blackbirders and Bozales: African -Born Slaves on the Lower Brazos River of Texas in the Nineteenth Century (Sean Kelley)



Wallhanging -Blackbirds

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