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Thank you for your DONATION to our students.  NGOZI will MATCH each mask  (free of charge) donated for the use of our students as they resume in person classes during this pandemic.  We will donate masks to local schools for children who need them. 


STUDENT face masks (Ages 5-18) are all made by hand of 100% cotton (not including elastic and some linings), 2-ply and reusable and same beautiful prints as our other masks. Wash with warm/hot soapy water by hand or machine.  Rinse well.    Each mask is individually wrapped.  Assorted flat and pleated styles  (Limit 50 per order)

These masks will not protect students from external airborne infectious particles (including normal cold and flu) but can help to protect classmates, teachers and staff around them.  It is believed that masks could help mitigate community spread from large droplet spray we all have. They will also help to reduce hand to face contact.


  • Join NGOZI and your neighbors to donate masks to our precious students as they resume in-person classes.  All masks donated will go to local students  5-18 years of age.  Let's help protect our children, teachers and staff together!

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