Assorted prints  


Adult masks are all made by hand of 100% cotton (not including elastic), 2-ply and reusable. Wash with warm/hot soapy water by hand or machine.  Rinse well.   They can be worn alone or over dust masks.  Each mask is individually wrapped.

You will not be able to select a particular print    Masks will be logged in and/or set aside as your order arrives from an assorted print / solid availability.


These masks do not protect you from external airborne infectious particles (including normal cold and flu) but can help if you already have cold or flu symptoms (or are adversely affected by increasing pollen) to protect friends and family around you.  It is believed that masks could help mitigate community spread from large droplet spray we all have. They will also help to reduce hand to face contact and help reduce the effects of strong odors like bleach as you are deep cleaning surfaces.

Adult Flat Face Mask - Assorted prints

  • As with all Ngozi merchandise our masks are guaranteed.  Of course they cannot be returned but will be replaced if there is any need due to damage on arrival.