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For some, fashion is art; for others, it is a way to imagine a new world. Our collection, ONI - translated as “sacred ground” in Yoruba, retraces history and explores possibility by honoring a long tradition of block printing, quilting and unique fashion crafted by Black women from West Africa to America. 


Ngozi Design’s ONI Collection highlights creative acts of resistance by centering fashion as a tool to trace history, beauty, spirituality, and ideas of modesty. Each one-of-a-kind piece is a collection of stories held by the hundreds of fabric remnants, sewn together and appliquéd, from which it is made.

As we witness and examine the ever-evolving yet distinctly recognizable display of cultural and creative innovation within African and African American fashion, we seek to highlight and celebrate some of the multi-layered ideas, materials, history traditions and fortitude that make these fashions both progressive and special.  This collection showcases creativity and spirituality through colors, textiles, and designs unique to the collective sartorial genius of Black women here on the continent and in the Diaspora. 

Our new studio is opening in Golden Belt on Dec 1, 2019

Some of the pieces shown here are available in our online store.  Custom orders are always available!

Photography by Pharoah Egbuna of We Photography, Durham, NC

ONI Collection - Sept 2019 Fashion show hosted by The Carrack Gallery at The Fruit, Durham, NC